Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How I see the world

So I do believe that we as people are either a survivor or a victim. Depending on how you view your world you fit into one of these two categories. So let me described these two categories before I continue on. A survivor is the person that can rise above it all. No mater whatever IT is. Be it a situation, and occurrence or whatever. Basically a victim can not. Victims get hung up in all kinds of reasons as to why they just can't.

Now just because you fall in the victim role doesn't mean you can move into a survivor role, but in order to do so it is definitely a mind over matter to be able to do just this. This would be a transformation to be able to do this, and yes similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Some do believe that if they believe they are a survivor it makes them one. In truth the proof is in the pudding. It can be done, but having the attitude of the glass is always half full vs half empty definitely help.

So I explained all of this today to my doctor at my yearly appointment today and this was after she told me she has decided to go do only hospice patients... At least it wasn't something I said......