Tuesday, December 22, 2009


MMPD is a phrase that I like to refer to as MySpace Multiple Personality Disorder. If you spend enough time on the social networking sites like I have you start to notice over time that there seem to be a lot of people that have more then one site and profile for the Social Networking sites. Although this phenomena is mostly seen in the younger generations, you can see it as well with some of the older generations to.

The younger generation seems to use the MMPD for a whole variety of different reasons. Some of them do this to create whole fantasy world's for themselves where they make people believe that they live in places they do not, and live desparate lives so that others will feel the need to sympathize with them and it seems to feed into their fantasy world's.

I have followed this one person that has had a total of three different sites with three different names, two different locations that she says she lives in and even she has even gone as far to have different pictures of people that she is not and on one site she is a white lebanese/rican mix and on the other site she is black. As far as I can tell she does this to fullfil her need to be loved, and to be able to lurker on other's sites that she has an interest in.

I did read a study that stated that some people do this so that different part of their personality can shine through when they create these different sites. I found this to be interesting especially because it does in it's own way create a split personality of the person that has the multiple sites. As I look at this more in detail I will continue to study this and continue to feed the finds on.