Monday, December 5, 2011

My Unicorn thought

So I believe that every person has a right to their opinion, view, belief, etc...and I also believe that we as people should not try and  change anyone, but in thinking about this more and more I am wondering if any one person is truly capable of following through with this belief or is this just a mythical thought, or a unicorn of a thought? So I have analyzed what it is I do when confronted with some one that does something that I don't believe, or like. Take drug abuse. I truly can't stand the stuff..drugs that is. Nor can I understand the people that choose to take part in this behavior. I get the whole psychological piece of it all, but I think to myself why can't people just be more stubborn or hard headed and just be strong and move on from it, and in that instance I realize that in that thought alone I am wishing they would change. I might not come out and say that I wish they would change, but I did have the thought. So my next question is would just having the thought of wanting some one to change be just as bad as telling that person. Isn't even thinking it trying to bend the will of another to our own ideas? Some people are very vocal about their beliefs and some are not. I tend to express myself more in a written format then vocally. Perhaps this is because in the verbal format the feed back isn't as quick to come and it gives me the time to digest it and perhaps hear what the person was trying to say. Or perhaps like it has been pointed out to me I just like to hide behind what I am thinking, feeling. Who knows....more on this later I am sure.

In other news you should check out my other blogs soon as there will be some guest bloggers coming shortly. Happy Monday everyone.



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