Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why I do what I do....

So a couple of years ago a friend whom shall remain anonymous gave me the idea to start blogging indirectly. She tends to be on the flaky side of things but it was her suggesting the movie Julia & Julia that got me to thinking about blogging. My father was an English professor and a published author so I figured I might give this a shot, and not that what I ever write about is any comparison to what he did but I do have to say I do enjoy this.

Since I have started Blogging though I have noticed more and more people that are doing it as well. Makes me wonder what starts them on their journey?  I do have to say though I enjoy Arlynn Presser's blog that is the woman that made a News Years resolution to meet all of her 365 Facebook friends, and even though she wasn't able to actually meet all 365 for various reasons she still managed to meet more then half and that in itself is an accomplishment. I hope to achieve something similar...just not sure what that something is yet.


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