Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Does Social Media blocking just create more drama?

First let me say this is my Opinion and my Observations of this phenomenon.

So recently I was blocked by some one on my social media account.  I am not some 20 year old and I really wonder when people my age do this kind of thing what they hope to achieve by blocking some one?

Before the advent of social media if some one pissed you off you simply just didn't speak with the person and almost to the point of avoiding them when you might even possibly run into them. However, the advantage to this is the person never even knew you were trying to avoid them or not happy with them for whatever reason unless they happen to run into you or some one told them.

With blocking some one on social media the person knows they have done something to not be in your favor and in turn I find it truly does create way more drama then necessary.  Not to mention the whole drama that gets created when a person realizes they have been blocked. It either re-lives the whole reason or as in my case makes me wonder about the maturity of the person that did this to me cause We am not in high school anymore. Even though writing about it may appear this way. Sorry I digress.

Now some people may wonder how you can figure out if some one blocked you. If the person use to be on your page and you log into social media with a different account you can still see that person that you can't see from the account that they have blocked. So seriously what is the point to blocking?

I realize it was created to help cut down on the stalkers and bad people, but if I were having this kind of problem I would either create a whole new account with a whole new different name and only give it to a trust group or not use social media at all. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer is my motto.

The only way I can say blocking can work is if you block some one the moment you create the account, but here again if the person is smart and wants to know if your account exists they just need to log in using a different account with a name you might not consider to find you. Which sometimes would require you to be a mind reader. So once again we have the which came first scenario, the chicken or the egg?  Another question for another day I suppose.

So again in my observation and my opinion I do believe blocking just creates more drama then necessary. Seriously can't we all just get along?

Hope everyone is well and having great weather.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Use the Toilet paper sparingly

So it's been awhile since I have posted on any of my blogs. Just been busy tatting my life away. Don't think I have mentioned that I am a needle tatter on here ever.

Last post on here was about toilet paper. So in keeping with tradition I have decided to blog about it again. 

This is the time in my life where money is so tight I can't even afford to purchase toilet paper. You know you're struggling when you can't afford the toilet paper in the house. I'd put my address up on here and request that people send a role or two, but I am too afraid that I would end up with 20,000 rolls of toilet paper. Then I would have to come up with some creative way to craft with it all just to help cut down on my toilet paper, however seriously can some one mail me a roll?

Hypothetically what would I craft if I did receive that much toilet paper?  Perhaps something like this.


Actually I do find that to be pretty awesome. 

Meanwhile I can't do any of it until I get a roll. 

Hope all is well with everyone.