Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Been awhile I know

So I posted this on my FB page yesterday as a debate for everyone to weigh in on.

Subject for debate today. Why does it seem like the friends you meet online seem to be more dependable then the people you actually know in person? Is it the fact that the person that is close doesn't really want to have to give of them self? I have close friends that come through for me a lot, but I know of others that seem to have people that never come through for them, and yet their online friends do. Makes me wonder what is this phenomenon. Just wondering..
 Some seem to think that some people are reliable and some people just are not. Well that could be true for people that are online or not. So there is some truth to this statement, but I am not sure that being online or not has anything to do with this statement.

Another person said they try to rely simply on them self only. Well I do think most people probably do this as general on a whole. However, there are times when a person doesn't have this choice. For example when a person is sick or injured they might not have a choice and the person that doesn't have family to step in what are they suppose to do?  Who are they suppose to rely on?

Another person suggested that perhaps it's because the person that is now online used to be close to the  person earlier in life. While the concept of this can be true there are some online friends that I have made that I have never met in person and never were part of my life earlier. However, there are some online friends that yes I did know earlier in life such as old classmates.

And last some one said it was because it might be,  "easier to sound like a friend online than to be a friend in person" Perhaps this is true but some of the people that are not near by, but to me that just seems like the online person might be superficial. Having met one of these people not sure I can believe in this theory either. 

So perhaps it's more a case of that all of these things blended together are true. People are complicated and some might be reliable or unreliable, because they use to be close but they figure the person is probably only relying on themselves like they do and all because they feel it's easier to sound like a friend then to be one in person?  Who knows?  I don't even pretend to know but I do like to have people weigh in on the subject matter. Have thoughts on this feel free to weigh in as well.


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