Monday, October 3, 2016


So have you ever met a Mermaiden?  I have, and just like all the legends say they love the water and the beach. They are enchanting and down right mesmerizing. I pinch myself every single day that this mystical creature allows me to be around her. I am constantly 2nd guessing myself and that at some point she is going to disappear, because legend does say they will eventually grow tired and move on to find others. Deep down in my heart I know she will eventually leave for I have seen it in my dreams, but for now I am happiest when I can see her smile and hear her sweet laughs.

Legends of mermaids say that they have this beauty that is breath taking, and I can say that the one that I know fits this description. Watching her play and swim in the water is equally as breath taking just like the legend says. Their song is like no other, and when they sing the music that comes out lures you, and that makes you loose all sense of reality.  The one thing they never mention in the legends though is their scent, which is like the smell of some kind of flower that is breath taking, mixed with the faint smell of the ocean and divine all at the same time. If I could bottle it I would.

My wish for the her is that she always has sand at her feet and water in her hair, a song in her head and love in her heart. She fixed my broken heart and gave it back to me, and no one has ever done that for me before. So thank you Mermaid. May you always have peace, my love for you, happiness and ever lasting light in your life because of the joy you have given me.