Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How did I arrive here again?

How did I arrive here again?  A friend suggested that it must be a wine night for to have arrived at this destination. However wine would not be the cause of the destination but rather a result of it instead. Then it was recommended I use my GPS in the future. People don't understand that I tend to argue with my GPS. So why is it that things in life seem to run in circles. I realize that it's because we have not learned certain lessons and the universe wants to make sure we get the lesson. However, why a circle and not a square?  Or any other shape for that matter.

The Dalai Lama said today "Gaining mastery over our destructive propensities, through the exercise of awareness and self-discipline with regard to our body, speech, and mind, frees us from the inner turmoil that naturally arises when our behaviour is at odds with our ideals. In place of this turmoil come confidence, integrity, and dignity - heroic qualities all human beings naturally aspire to." in his status on Facebook today. Perhaps the arrival is a sign of the turmoil in our lives?

So I say again, How did I arrive here again? I think my arrival is definitely a direct result of the turmoil in my life, and clearly I am not reaching my aspirations.


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